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Chiropractic and Deafness? The Answer May Surprise You!

There is a big misconception that chiropractic is only about twisting, cracking, and back pain.

But did you know what the first ever Chiropractic patient presented with? Deafness!

In 1895, DD Palmer gave the first ever chiropractic adjustment to a janitor Harvey Lillard who had lost his hearing after an accident years prior.

Lillard's hearing was restored! And Palmer thought he had found the cure for deafness.

All the people in the Midwest started to visit Palmer to get their deafness cured and what do you think happened? Did they all get their hearing back?

Of course not!

But they did notice all sorts of changes - like less pain, better digestion and more.

This started the study and trial to discover what Chiropractic was really about - removing interference in the nervous system so the body can heal and function fully as designed.

This is the baseline for every visit in that with a clear and functioning nervous system, your capability to heal and express life is optimal.

From there, we can start to peel the layers to uncover your true potential: biomechanics, posture correction, nutrition, mindfulness and more.

But without that foundation of fully transmitting nerve signals, any effort is dimmed to be well.

So whether it is symptom relief, or simply optimizing our state of being, your alignment is paramount to the best life possible.

And you deserve it!

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