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A Big Lesson From A Sad Story

Too often we think in Western medicine that if you have no symptoms, it means you are healthy and everything is OK.

Which makes me think of a very personal story.

Two years ago my sister and brother-in-law were enjoying Easter at his Dad's house. It was picturesque with the grandkids hunting for eggs and everyone in smiles.

His Dad was an amazing person and the picture of health. At 62 years old he would come to jazz fest every year and dance all night, a regular golfer, cyclist, and hiker.

When the day was over my sister and her husband drove back to the city where they lived only to get a call about an hour later that this man was no longer with us...

Shortly after they left, he and his wife were hitting some tennis balls and he felt ill and passed with a heart attack.

The first symptom was the heart attack.

Although tragic, there was some good from this.

All the friends and family got their hearts checked and TWO ended up getting emergency surgery that day. They had no idea they were at risk!

We have been conditioned to seek help only when in pain or if something is wrong, not just to get checked to see how we can be better or prevent something worse.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and many times those do not even know it can be lurking!

And this is the lesson for the mission at Get Real Chiropractic.

When your atlas is out of alignment, it dulls your expression of life and potential of your central nervous system.

This may not always present as an ache or pain, but it is effecting how bright you can glow.

This is why I am so passionate about not just helping you stay clear and connected, but getting the opportunity to check your family and loved ones in our community.

If it is possible to deter a path of diminished health to a life of full expression, imagine what that could look like?

Because you deserve it.

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