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💪🦾Shoulder Pain? 👔It May Be Coming From Your Neck!🕊️🤯

Many people come in with certain pains, most notably shoulder pain. Now the mechanism of injury can be vast. poor form in the gym overuse microtrauma But many times the root cause of the pain is not from the shoulder at all, it is actually from the neck! You see there are a few reasons why... The NERVES! The brachial plexus is the bundle of nerves that stems from the lower neck controlling the muscles and function of the shoulder. If this is not working the right way, your shoulder cannot function or heal properly! The MUSCLES! Many muscles that start or end at the shoulder, attach to the neck (and some other areas)! This is why assessing the full chain and not just focusing on the area of pain is critical. RECRUITMENT! This is a term used in biomechanics that shows how the body will use other areas to help another when not supported. The shoulder may be a player in this phenomena! So you see, before rubbing where it hurts, it behooves you to go to your friendly real chiropractor to assess these needs to get the best results. Only then can you heal the way you are designed and live a life worth living. And you deserve it!

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