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The Arc of Life🧬🧘‍♀️ Why Being Upright is More Than Just Good Posture 👼😇

I hope you all are having a nourishing and energetic week.

One of my favorite books The Cremator by Ladislav Fuks has a cryptic but poignant message for the power of his work.

Although the protagonist's job is to cremate the deceased, his position is that man begins as dust and ends as dust, and by accelerating the process he indeed will "save them all... the whole world."

Now how does this relate to life, health and chiropractic?

Let me explain.

You see, we enter the world in the fetal position. From two cells at conception and no interference, the innate design of the body catalyzes and mitoses into a perfect organism equipped with all the tools needed to thrive.

But there are stages to this perfection both inside and outside the womb.

We enter the world in the fetal position - vulnerable and in need of care from others.

As the years go by, we go from crawl to waddling to walking and then begin to dwindle once again, back to the fetal position.

Many times in instances of pain, suffering, or the end of our arc, we will find comfort in that reflexive fetal position.

And in that is the lesson.

Those prime decades between the endpoints of the arc of life is where we are meant to be upright, mobile, and nourishing ourselves.

This is how life is meant to be expressed, through a thriving and active system.

By being upright, with good posture, and a clear and connected nervous system, you are able to not just live your best life, but prevent the cascade into the end of that life arc.

Poor posture resembling those fetal states instinctively reverts to a vulnerable position.

Being under real chiropractic care is more than just decrease of pain and increase of mobility, it is maximizing the innate potential to thrive.

And you deserve it.

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