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Real Chiropractic Vocabulary ✍️3️⃣Three Words To Help You Understand Your Healing! ☺️😸🙌

Whether new cases, reactivations, or those under long-term care, there have been some incredible stories to kick off the Spring season.

A woman unable to dance has been able to begin working for the first time in years!

Hip pain gone so a young girl can continue her passion for yoga!

A young man's unexplainable back pain down to where he can cycle freely!

You see, when the nervous system is clear of subluxation and through a specific and scientific atlas upper cervical adjustment, the body can function and heal!

But what does that all mean?

Many people get great results and may not know the true why so today I wanted to define three terms that are essential in the office in further understanding what is really happening with those adjustments.

Subluxation: This term is used in chiropractic to describe the phenomena where there is interference in the transmission of nervous system signals.

Atlas: The top bone in the cervical spine in which the head sits and brainstem exits to the spinal cord. This is the most crucial area and dynamic complex to assess and adjust.

Clear: When the nervous system is free from subluxation and the atlas is in proper alignment, this state of the body is where healing, connection, and self-expression is optimal.

All in all, when the atlas is clear of subluxation, you are better, and boundless healing potential is unleashed.

And with that comes the highest expression of life.

And you deserve it!

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