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But Doc, It Hurts Right HERE! Can Heel Pain Come From The Neck?

You will hear many docs, PTs, and other chiros claiming to address the cause, but are they really?

There's an expression we say in Chiropractic that if you step on a dog's tail, it barks from it's mouth.

The answer is not to tape the mouth shut, but to recognize the root cause of the pain!

This applies to the body as well.

When we feel a symptom, like pain, the elementary doc will treat the localized area while the trained doc will do a bit more digging.

Enter the feet, How could the foot be affected by the neck?

Let me explain.

The heel is the attachment point to the Achilles tendon, which is the tendon to the calf muscles, which attaches to the hamstring, which attaches to the sacrum which attaches to the spine which ends at the neck.

Sounds confusing? Think of that you only have one body so in a sense these fascial and kinetic chains must be connected!

For these reasons, the first step is always to set the system straight, see the response, and then reassess.

This way you get the best results that last rather just temporary relief.

So if you are seeking care or results from someone who just treats a localized area with things like ice, heat, electric stimulation, massage, trigger point therapy, ultrasound, Theragun, and on and on, it may be worth re-evaluating if this is the best course for you.

Many times the true cause could be coming from somewhere else!

You deserve to thrive in this one life!

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