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Health Benefits Does Not Mean HealthCARE!

What's up yall! I hope you are having an elated and warm holiday season.

Today is a significant day for many Americans as it is the last day to register for Health Coverage for next year.

I made a post yesterday discussing some thoughts that I would like to reiterate here about the difference between health care and health insurance - as they are not the same.

Whether it is a job or a plan, many times we talk about our health benefits as an asset.

And it can be! In those crisis situations some treatments can be astronomical in cost and for these reasons coverage is essential to not burden you or your family.

But otherwise those benefits have no value toward your actual health.

Let me explain.

We know what makes a healthy host: good foods, adequate water, rest, exercise, and chiropractic care (or something of the like).

As we have discussed in many newsletters prior, there are so many ways to further nourish the system and grow: journaling, reading, meditation, and so on.

However these practices are not included in your health coverage, nor are they even mentioned.

Insurance is just that - in case of accidents or emergencies.

Think of your car insurance, they do not cover your oil changes, your empty gas tanks, your fluids and more.

That is dependent on YOU and how you invest dictates the overall state of your vehicle or being.

We will not be able to change the system today to include gym memberships and rebates for organic foods or preventative measures like chiropractic care in our coverage, but we can recognize and take action in investing in ourselves to be as healthy and happy as possible!

There are endless studies that show how investing in your active health today will decrease overall costs for your reactive care in the future!

So be sure to cover your bases, invest in yourself, and live the highest vibration of life possible!

Because you deserve it.

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