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I had an interesting conversation the other day...

The topic came up about 'alternative' care when people elect for their own health choices to do things other than drugs and surgery.

It made me think, what exactly about Chiropractic is 'alternative'?

Is it the biology? The anatomy? The physiology?

We all learn from the same books and understand how the body works as best we can with today's knowledge and research.

The difference in 'alternative' to the normal westernized healthcare model is not the power and understanding of your body's ability to heal, but rather the approach.

Instead of masking symptoms with drugs, surgeries, and other passive modalities, with Chiropractic we work to address the root cause housed in the central nervous system to allow you to heal from the inside-out.

Call it alternative, or call it practical.

Just make sure the choice is yours!

Chiropractic and other forms of self-care differ only in application and reasoning, not the healing cascade that only exists within you.

Because you are enough, you were designed that way!

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