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"I Think It's Muscular" Can It EVER Be?

So often when people come into the office or hear of chiropractic to help them, we hear the reply that it is a 'muscular' issue.

But can it really be?

The answer is a little tricky and simple.

The muscles are connected to bones by tendons and ligaments in order to act as functional levers.

This is how everything moves in the body, even your eyes!

And where do those muscles get the signals that tell it to contract or relax?

The nerves! When we initiate or halt a motion it synapses through the nervous system.

So knowing these two tidbits, can an issue be just 'muscular'?

Probably not!

When the bones are in proper biomechanical alignment to allow for fluid movement, and the nerve transmission is working as it is supposed to than the muscles will function correctly.

It is from there that we can further assess.

Working with soft tissue and retraining muscles is no doubt a part of care, but that is just one factor.

First we must make sure that things are in the right place, moving the right way, and getting the innate signals that they are supposed to.

Any questions or feedback? Feel free to reply, or better yet, if there is someone in need, let's get them an assessment to see if the issue is 'muscular' or something else.

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