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Increase Grip Strength Through Adjustments?

Here are a few compelling stories from the past few days:

1) A man unable to walk with pain down his leg after one adjustment was able to walk freely without pain on the spot!

2) A woman who was told by other chiropractors that she could not be seen has now gone a full week with no headaches or neck pain!

3) A woman was able to get off three medications in a matter of days after sinuses cleared through the adjustment and real chiropractic!

These stories are exciting and emblematic of what can be possible when the nerve system is working as designed for you to function and heal at optimal!

But what about the science?

For this I wanted to share a cool study that was done with the National Brazilian Judo team.

For those familiar, Judo is a martial arts form that is based on dynamic grappling and forces. In other words, grip is paramount.

This study shows how the national team that received cervical (neck) adjustments had significant increase in grip strength for both hands!

And these are pro athletes that train in strength!

Imagine the advantage!

Why does this happen? Well, the nerves that exit the neck control the arms and when the brainstem is clear from interference you function better overall.

It is that simple.

How else do you think having better grip strength through passive care could benefit you?

Because you deserve it!

Schedule your FREE Consult today to find out how to start living your best life today!

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