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Morning Ritual - Best Way to Start Your Day!

Several people will commonly report in the office of how they have a routine of some sort each morning.

Sometimes this is to 'loosen' the back or 'warm up' the muscles.

Others have some sort of mundane routine where they roll out of bed to start the work day.

However, there is a different approach that can change everything effectively. Many year ago I was exposed to a concept branded The Miracle Morning. Essentially, this entails having a ritualistic approach to each morning where you implement certain phases of productivity before even leaving the house.

Let me explain....

The 6 steps has been acronymized to the word SAVERS (silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading and scribing).

Although it is not very time consuming, it does take much discipline in order to achieve these daily rituals.

Meditation, declaring gratitude, scripting your perfect day, journaling briefly, reading, and some sort of movement is all it takes and you will achieve more before leaving your house than many do in an entire day!

This cascade of productivity not only centers yourself, but gets the blood flowing, ideas percolating, and elates the senses.

Think of those times where you are neglecting some chores, only to get on a roll and check them all off the list in a matter of minutes.

For when we are focused with good intentioned, anything is possible.

And you deserve it!

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