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Posture Correction in Three Steps!

There are many reasons why people seek REAL Chiropractic care.

It is not only about pain management or just patch care for a temporary fix - but rather making lasting changes in our posture, health and performance.

How can posture affect health? It is much more than just looking better, but there is a physiological relationship between the hygiene and integrity of your spine and nervous system and how it relates to overall function.

Let me explain.

Your central nerve system regulates and controls every voluntary and involuntary action throughout the body. So whether it is to maintain, feel pain, or heal, it all happens within the brain, spinal cord and associated nerves.

This system is protected by the segmented spinal column and when misaligned affects the motion of the joints, the health of the soft tissues, and the transmission of the nerve system.

By specifically analyzing the composition of this spinal distortion and how to correct it, we can enhance overall function and maintain that new position with corrective postural exercises and cues.

In a way, maintaining this position can be more effective than the application of treatment itself!

Many times in the office people ask how to get the best results or what can be done to 'hold' the alignment better.

This is a great question and is reliant on a few factors, most of which are in your control.

We know that removing subluxation to allow for better alignment enables increased nerve transmission, biomechanical function, and structural integrity.

But then what?

Well, the process for the best results and overall quality of life contains three steps:

1) The Correction. This is where the adjustment comes into play. Based off your unique misalignment and history, we create a plan and vector specific to you and your needs.

2) Active Care. Here is where the onus is on you. From rehabilitative exercises, specific stretches to distorted patterns, and other active care remedies, we start to cultivate the growth of a new and nourished system.

3) Behavioral Modification. How you do one thing is how you do everything. Unfortunately, many of the things we do on the daily are feeding into those distortion models that can deter progress. This is where the actionable daily changes must be made to mitigate these patterns.

In understanding the three steps, health can be easy. Let us find a plan that works for you so you can live the best life possible.

Because you deserve it!

Reach out to the office in order to schedule your FREE consult to discuss your case to living in alignment from the inside-out through REAL Chiropractic!

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