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Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Is chiropractic good for pregnancy?


The body naturally goes through many changes to create space for baby as pregnancy ensues. There are a few things to know about pregnancy and Chiropractic and what to look for to have the most ease and pain-free experience.

1) The Nervous System and Development of Baby

Do you know the first thing that happens after those two cells hit to start life in baby? The neural plate sprouts to the neural stalk which comprises your central nervous system as the brainstem and spinal cord.

From here, every signal, cell, tissue and organ is comprised over that 40 week period with no assistance or direction. That is why the communication between brain and body is so important for pregnancy - to ensure that nerve transmission is functioning at 100%!

A chiropractor's job is to make sure that nerve transmission goes without interference by checking the functional integrity of the spine. But there is more...

2) Relaxin

This is the main hormone that is released by the ovary to allow the soft tissues, ligaments, and pelvic structures... you guessed it... relax! This allows the pelvis and uterus to make room for growing baby.

In doing so, new soft tissue tone can create new tensions and distortion patterns that can be addressed by your Chiropractor!

3) Webster Certification

The International Pediatric Chiropractic Association offers a certification called Webster that is specifically tailored to treat pregnant patients. This addresses not only the neurologic transmission of the body, but the structures of the pelvis and alignment of the spine.

Many women have been helped with this method. At Get Real Chiropractic, we are one of the only offices in the New Orleans area with such a certification.

Check out the site to schedule a consult to learn more or experience care!

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