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The Disease is the Cure?

Dr. Donald Epstein is a chiropractor who has been very influential in healing and body work worldwide.

He has been featured many times in the media and is most famously as Tony Robbin's Chiropractor.

His book The 12 Stages of Healing has some unique approaches to health and care and in it is a concept of the disease being the cure.

But what does this mean?

Whether it is a symptom, pain, ailment, disease, or diagnoses, it is worth noting that it does not dictate the response.

In other words, there are many ways to address a health concern.

The key is to not identify with the condition, but rather use it as a catalyst for a life change.

High blood pressure? Perhaps it is worth exploring a healthier lifestyle with good foods, exercise and stress management.

Achy neck? Perhaps it is worth exploring less time on technological devices.

Twisted ankle? Perhaps it is worth exploring more fluid approaches to movement.

The state in which we are in at this moment is a conglomeration of the traumas and history you have experienced in this time on Earth.

But it does not dictate how you move forward as you get to curate your own story.

And in this way, the disease IS the cure!

And with this realization and newfound mission, you can live a life worth expressing.

And you deserve it.

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