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Simple Ways to Assess and Manage Stress

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about stress management in the office.

I am not an expert in mental health, but there are some simple strategies that you can implement to better assess and address stress patterns in a more linear and effective way... and it only takes 5 minutes!

Let me explain...

We talk about in the office often that stress is inevitable.

That is life. There are three sources of stress: physical, chemical, and emotional. Physical is probably the easiest to qualify: bumps, bruises, work habits, sitting posture, accidents and so on. Chemical is how we nourish ourselves. Are we creating a good environment for health with hydration, good foods, supplementation, as well as reduction of toxins? Lastly, is emotional. These are the stresses from work, interpersonal or more that could have a physiological effect on the system at large. So how can we better manage these three phases? It will take only five minutes to evaluate.

Take a pen and paper and make three columns titled Physical, Chemical, and Emotional. Now divide each column into two more sections titled what and how. In the what column, try to come up with things causing you stress (alcohol, work, sleep, relationships). In how column try to assign which strategies you use to address those causes (water, journaling, reading, meditation). You will find that there may be a disconnect between addressing certain causes with ineffective strategies, or maybe see a lack in self care in a certain group. From here, we can much better create action steps or plans to have the full composure of self-care and stress management. When we reduce the sources of stress and have the right team and solutions behind us to support these stresses, we are better able to adapt and thrive for a greater expression of LIFE! At Get Real Chiropractic, we focus to getting your body and nerve system working in coordination to adapt best to these stresses and evaluate resources to further support YOU! Take a few minutes to assess yourself and see if there is a way we can serve you. Send over your lists or questions, and let's work together to finding new strategies to getting our needs met!

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