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Sitting is the new smoking!

After decades of thinking that smoking did not cause much harm, we now know what an epidemic instilling such a social norm has put on society at large. Heart disease is linked with smoking and has climbed to the number one cause of death in the United States.

Could you believe this was once seen as healthy?

However there is another silent killer that is beginning to take hold on the overall health of many Americans and citizens of the Earth worldwide - sitting!

There is much study being done about the effects of long term sitting in means of both structural and physiological shifts. One phenomena to know of in particular is called ligamentous creep.

After about 30-45 minutes of being sedentary. The soft tissues of the body begin to stiffen and cause pain. This means that if your daily prolonged sitting habits supersede this 30 minute threshold, you are adding to a distortion pattern in the body!

To combat this phenomena, be sure to get up, move around and allow the discs and soft tissues to lubricate.

As a Chiropractor, we are worried about the motion and health of your spine and the tissues around it. Those tissues include the powerhouse and regulator of every action in the body - your central nervous system!

If these tissues are compromised there could be detrimental effects. Schedule a complimentary consult today to get your spine evaluated and see if you are a candidate to start living better.

Getting up and moving every thirty minutes will do wonders for your health!

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