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Virus 101: How to Be More Resilient to CV19 and Everything Else!

Covid in 2020.

That phrase has become infamous for eternity and synonymous with so many negative emotions and state of being.

Fear. Uncertainty. Mortality. Depression. You name it!

Although the information about this virus and its properties is ever-changing and elusive, there are some basic tenants of health and Virology that are constant. This is where we must focus our energies in order to live our best lives with less stress!

Your immune system is what ends pandemics.

There is a reason why in a room full of people one person may get sick, another may contract nothing, and another may get the illness without presenting symptoms.

The reason is based in your resiliency to any stresses or pathogen. The strength of your immune system is what is able to naturally battle such viruses.

Here are some basic rules for how to help build your natural immunity to be more resistant to anything (not just CV19).

  1. Drink Water. Your body is made of 70-90% H20. In other words, by not constantly replenishing, a dehydrated state can mean you are not functioning at optimal! Whatever your body weight is in pounds, divide by two and that is a good estimate for how many ounces you should be having per day.

  2. Get some Vitamin D. Natural sunlight for about 20-30 minutes per day is enough to replenish your Vitamin D stores. This is essential for all immune function. So go outside, take a walk, and breathe some air!

  3. Get Adjusted! The nucleus solitarius is housed in the brainstem- a center for neuroimmunity. By getting adjusted, and pressure off the brainstem, this can aid in the normal immune cascade.

Again, this is not to combat the CV19 virus, but how to increase your overall immunity.

What tips do you have?



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