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Wrist? 🖖Shoulder?💪 It is most likely the NECK and WHY?🤯 What Inside-Out Means

Today I wanted to share with you a clinical and philosophical concept that is in alignment with REAL Chiropractic - healing from the inside-out and what that really means.

But first, let's use two examples from this week.

1) A patient came in after she had slipped and fell. Her wrist was pretty badly bruised and was unable to move it effectively.

We call this a FOOSH injury (Fall On Out Stretched Hand) and this jams up everything all the way to the neck,

We examined her to find that the wrist was not the issue but rather the neck, elbow and shoulder.

After a gentle adjustment she was able to fully move her wrist and hand!

2) A man came in with shoulder pain. He was unable to life his shoulder much past 45 degrees without discomfort.

We adjusted his atlas (top bone of the neck) cleared the nerve system (that controls the arm) and instantaneously was able to have full range of motion with no pain!

What does this mean?

This is the main reason why at Get Real Chiropractic we address root causes through the central nervous system.

When you start from the top and allow the body to heal from the inside-out, this is where the best results and expression of life comes from.

To only address the area of pain with needless modalities is neglecting the true issue and a disservice to the patient.

For in each of these cases, no ointment, dry needle, massage, or anything else to the local area would address the root cause - the upper cervical subluxation.

Your innate healing potential and intelligence resides in the central nervous system. From here is where healing must occur- it happens no other way.

And you deserve it!

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